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The PayPal service used below is secure and reliable. You can make payments using your credit card, debit card, or you can use your own PayPal account.

Click the Buy Now Button to Pay Using PayPal or Your Credit / Debit Card

Click on the "Buy Now" button below to make a payment.

At PayPal (not here) you will need to enter the actual payment amount from your copy of our invoice.

Optional Memo:

Click on the Buy Now button at left to pay any amount owed to us or to pay an invoice by using your credit card, debit card, or from your own PayPal account.

The "Optional Memo" box at left allows you to enter an optional note to us

After clicking on the Buy Now button, on the PayPal page that appears you will need to enter the invoice amount in the "Item Price" box at the left of that page.

You will be able to pay using your credit card, debit





Alternate Payment Method - copy email and send invoiced amount via PayPal
First copy my email address shown just below, then use the PayPal link

Pay an Invoice You've Received from Daniel Friedman: it's easy and free to make a payment using the PayPal link at left. At the PayPal website you enter your credit card information or use your own PayPal account.

First copy our email address shown at left. Then paste it onto the PayPal web page where it's needed as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. On the PayPal page at the "Home" or "Personal" menus, near the page top, click on PayPal's Send Money link.
  3. Follow the instructions by entering the amount - it's 3 easy steps and you can pay by credit card or by logging in and using your own PayPal account

Where do I send documentation or other materials that I want reviewed or tested?

Completing this PayPal procedure will automatically display a web page which indicates how to contact us immediately, including US Postal mail, email, and our emergency telephone number.

Our US Postal mail and address is also given below. Our email address is also given at our contact information page.





Consulting & Lab Fees Accepted by Personal or Business Check

AFTER confirming by EMAIL or telephone just how we are going to proceed, MAIL SAMPLES, DOCUMENTATION, & PAYMENT by CHECK TO

Daniel Friedman
Vassar College Box 419
124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeepsie NY 12604

How do I contact you for follow-up information?

ONSITE INSPECTION / INVESTIGATION AVAILABILITY NOTICE: Except for special cases including our pro-bono services we no longer provide onsite building investigation servicess.

For on-site building & home inspections the extensive list of building inspectors and specialists at >
Directory of Professionals to Inspect or Test a Building


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