How to Pay for Environmental & Forensic Test Laboratory Fees & Services

TAPE SAMPLES: For mold testing and other particle identification tests using Tape Samples, use the button at left to pay the lab fee using your credit card or your own PayPal account.

Just enter the number of tape samples and PayPal will calculate the the total amount due ($50. per lab sample).

Detailed procedures describing exactly how to collect and mail mold samples or settled dust for mold screening samples using adhesive tape are at Six Easy Steps to Get and Mail a Mold Test Kit.

BULK SAMPLES: For bulk material samples such as building insulation or drywall use the button at left ($100. per lab sample).

Contact us for guidance on bulk sample selection, packaging, and mailing for mold tests.

MOLD CULTURE SAMPLES: For mold culture samples such as building insulation or drywall use the button at left ($75. per lab sample to process a mold culture kit that you have purchased elsewhere - we do not sell mold culture kits but they are readily available at local hardware stores like Home Depot and Loews).

Before buying a mold culture kit to screen a building for toxic or allergenic mold, we recommend that you read the articles about mold cultures at Mold Cultures - Validity and Usefulness.

  • Can I call first to decide if I want your help?: Please use our email or in emergency, complete this PayPal Immediate Consulting step to obtain our telephone number. Reader volume precludes unpaid non-emergency telephone consulting, but we welcome and will respond promptly to questions or suggestions sent by email.
  • Where do I send documentation or other materials that I want reviewed or tested?

    Completing this PayPal procedure will automatically display a web page which indicates how to contact us immediately, including US Postal mail, email, and our emergency telephone number. Our US Postal mail and address is also given below. Our email address is also given at our contact information page.

Consulting & Lab Fees Accepted by Personal or Business Check

AFTER confirming by EMAIL or telephone just how we are going to proceed, MAIL SAMPLES, DOCUMENTATION, & PAYMENT by CHECK TO

Daniel Friedman
Vassar College Box 419
124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeepsie NY 12604

How do I contact you for follow-up information?

  • Mold and bioaerosol / forensic laboratory sample analysis reports: please use the email link at Contact Us.
  • Consulting, forensic investigation services, building onsite investigation reports: use our Immediate Consulting link, email, or mail contact information just above. Use the CONTACT link on any of our web pages.

ONSITE INSPECTION / INVESTIGATION AVAILABILITY NOTICE: Except for special cases including our pro-bono services we no longer provide onsite building investigation servicess.

For on-site building & home inspections the extensive list of building inspectors and specialists at >
Directory of Professionals to Inspect or Test a Building


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