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Daniel Friedman is a journalist, aerobiologist, building scientist, a forensic microscopist, and a nationally recognized expert on building inspection, building failures, and sick building investigation. He serves as editor of

Also see Daniel Friedman's CV: PUBLICATIONS & CLASSES. He lives in New York and in Mexico.

Present Occupation

Journalist, Daniel Friedman is the editor and lead author of the building, environmental, & energy conservation problem diagnosis and repair online encyclopedia®. Daniel's interest in journalism, both as a writer and a photojournalist began in 1953 (cub reporter, Richmond News Leader). Currently he specializes in research & writing about building, environmental & construction inspection, diagnosis, & repair, & forensic investigations. Daniel is a member of the U.S. Press Association.

His technical and other writing and photographs have appeared in various publications since 1953, including the The ASHI Technical Journal (where he served as publisher & editor), and contributions to Progressive Builder and New Shelter, the Journal of Light Construction, New England Builder, Fine Homebuilding, Smart Homeowner, Cottages & Bungalows, the Mensa Journal, the Old House Journal, Smart Homeowner, This Old House Magazine, IEEE, Pan American Aerobiology Association News (served as publisher & editor), NAHI Forum, and in various newspapers including the New York Times, Long Island Newsday, Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond News Leader, the Poughkeepsie Journal, as well as in various U.S. EPA, CPSC, USFS, and other government & research publications in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, the U.S., and other countries.

He has been a contributing author (text and/or photographs) to books including Possibilities of Perception, Jennifer Church, Oxford University Press (2013) [contributed photographs], The Labyrinth of Frida Kahlo, Death, Pain, & Ambivalence, Church & Friedman, CIAM Press, 2008, The Home Reference Book, Carson Dunlop Associates (2012), Fundamentals of HVACR, Stanfield & Skaves, AHRI (2013), Solutions to Mold, Totino, Pearson Press (2012), September 11, Eleey, MOMA PS1 (2011), OMega 92, poetry collection published privately (1992), and others.

Forensic Microscopist, since 1985, specializing in particle identification for diagnostic purposes, including buildings, indoor environment, and works of art, assisting in art and artifact conservation for museums, conservators, and individual artists. Works with art and building conservationists on contaminant identification & paint failure analysis, performing particle, mold, debris, & stain identification by microscopy and microchemistry for museums (Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, others) and galleries and with U.S. National & State Park Services, European art agencies, & historic societies to assist in art works & historic artifact & historic building conservation (see Mold on Art Works.)(retired except for ongoing pro-bono work & special research projects).

Environmental, Indoor Air Quality & mold field investigations and laboratory services, since 1985, specializing in particle identification, IAQ and mold, pollen, allergen, and other indoor air particle investigations - Microscopy Lab Analysis for sick buildings or in the course of art conservation, including on-site and mail - in sample lab services (currently retired except for ongoing pro-bono work & special research projects).

Construction Evaluation & Diagnosis since 1978 as American Home Service Company: residential and commercial real estate Building inspections, home inspections Construction problem diagnosis, research, & solutions; also, construction arbitration, Building defect investigation, expert witness, photo, video, and written documentation of Building conditions and defects - Special consulting & research in electrical systems and hazards, water supply, onsite waste disposal (septic systems), materials failures, structural failures, paint, roofing, and siding failures, water and moisture - related damage, Building - related illness, bioaerosols, site & environmental hazards and concerns - Daniel is also a New York State Approved Licensed Home Inspector Instructor. (currently retired except for ongoing pro-bono work & special research projects).


Professional Writing, Editing, Publishing, & General Research since 1978 - American micro Publish Company, provided Internet Website Page Design and Content Development Services (1989 - 2004), and (1978 to present) related technical research, writing, editing, publishing, design services specializing in the construction, building, & environmental forensics field - Other projects include turn key production of the ASHI Technical Journal a national professional publication about identification of Building defects - Extensive research & writing on construction topics can be found on the internet, has been taught at conferences and seminars, and has been published in national publications including various news publications listed at the top of this page A defunct publication, Real News, was a FAX newsletter concerned with environmental and Building hazards - Writes also non - technical rarely - published fiction, essays, poetry.

Teaching: Construction, Building Failures, Building Inspection 1986 to present: lectures on construction failure/defect detection/Analysis, theory, practice, complexity and errors, computer system design and use at annual national and state professional conferences as well as university classes - Guest lecturer at Harvard School of Architecture & Design, on recognizing Building defects - Popularly received class titled "American Architecture, Designed to Fail" Not invited back after second lecture - Curriculum designer of New York University's certificate program in Building inspection. New York State certified home inspection education instructor.

Government Consulting: state licensing exam development for North Carolina; state licensing board consulting for North Carolina, New Jersey, and others; Canadian distant - education curriculum development; US CPSC consulting regarding specific Building material and product hazards - Provided photographs and content for several US Government health and air quality publications such as published by the U.S. EPA.

Business/Professional Computer Consulting since 1968. Publishes & Edits online building, indoor environment, energy conservation, & forensic building, environment, & art conservation (paint failure) field and lab investigation encyclopedia, Sick House Information Website, and related consumer and construction websites providing authoritative environmental and construction information for consumers, as well as links to related information services on the Internet System design, bulletin boards, CompuServe & Internet Website Services specializing in construction-related fields. Using networks and commercial data bases, provides research services to business, technical, and medical professions

Designed, contracted, supervised establishment of ASHI ONLINE, a national online system for home inspectors
Designed and prototyped the ASHI website for home inspectors and home buyers
Indoor Air Quality, mold and bioaerosol investigations, field and lab work1985 - present. Field investigations, forensic and aerobiological laboratory services, mobile field lab, diagnostic, remediation, and repair advice. Mold causation, water entry diagnosis, risk evaluation, odor source diagnosis, detection of indoor gases.
Construction Evaluation, commercial building & private home inspections, 1978 - 2008 - Construction defect identification, repair advice.
Expert witness: stair and falling hazards, septic system failures and accidents, home inspection adequacy, EIFS.

More than 40 years' construction experience including - Owned and operated construction firm specializing in historic renovation and restoration of residential buildings; first heavy construction work as laborer at missile silo construction for the Fleet Anti Aircraft Warfare Training Center, Dam Neck, VA - Subsequent construction activities focused on residential and light construction - Owned and operated a residential and light - commercial heating and cooling service company
Partner in a New York State real estate development corporation specializing in new residential construction for elderly/handicapped populations.

Employed 17 years by IBM in technical and management positions in both large and small hardware and software systems design and performance evaluation - Last position held: advisory engineering manager of software/microcode half of an experimental R&D organization for an IBM Fellow - Previous position as a manager in diagnostic and error recovery processor controller development for IBM's largest processor, Model 3090 - Various honors - IBM System Research Institute graduate.


Undergraduate: BSci, Washington & Lee University, 1965 - Marketing, accounting, business management, French language, philosophy, religion, art.

Graduate Study: George Washington University School of Law and Graduate School of Business;
Syracuse University, mathematics and computer science;
Union College, Computer Science and Engineering;
IBM Corporation, Systems Research Institute - Graduate - Systems Engineer.

Forensic Microscopy, Aerobiology, Mycology, Particle Identification: field and laboratory investigation methods, classes, workshops, and activity in professional associations, completed technical courses in Microscopy, Introductory Pollen & Fungal Spore Identification, In - Depth Burkard Sampler Training, Intermediate Pollen Identification, Intermediate Fungal Spore Identification - Aerobiology Instruction and Research, faculty from the Harvard School of Public Health - Advanced Fungal Spore Identification, House Dust Particle Identification, Mold Culture and Mold Culture Speciation, Forensic Microscopy & Polarized Light Microscopy - McCrone Research Institute, faculty from McRI, University of Toronto, and other experts - Continuing study in Aerobiology with special interest in fungal spores, house dust particle identification, and indoor gas contaminants and Building materials outgassing

Professional & Trade Education: Home Inspection; Residential Construction, Framing, Interior Finishing, Masonry, Plumbing and Heating, Air Conditioning, Roofing, and NY State Building code, and Radon detection and mitigation; extensive participation in Building technology/inspection classes both as student and as teacher at international, national, and state levels.

Professional Participation & Membership Societies

  • American Arbitration Association AAA, arbitrator specializing in construction dispute mediation - 1988 - 1998
  • AIHA - American Industrial Hygiene Association, AIHA Consulting Professional Member #149892, specializing in indoor air quality, bioaerosols, allergens, mold, mildew, sick - house investigations, & light microscopy. Member: AIHA Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Committee - 1999 - present
  • American Phytopathological Society - APA scientific organization for study/control of plant diseases – academic association of researchers (past member)
  • American Society of Home Inspectors #00577 ASHI (Certified Member 1985 - 2006), National Standards of Practice & Ethics Committee 1996 - 2004, Chairman 2001 - 2002; National Ethics and Professional Practices Committees, 1994 - 1997; National Technical Committee Chairman 1991 - 1994 - Designed and led technical review and technical research projects. Conceived, edited, published the ASHI Technical Journal; Designed prototyped the ASHI Internet Website - information for home buyers, owners, inspectors, and ASHI ONLINE national BBS for home inspectors. ASHI National Education Chairman 1988 - 1990. Organized and helped teach ASHI technical inspection seminars across the US and Canada - Aided technical development, illustrated and produced the ASHI Exam, the national certification exam for home inspectors. Also served in/on ASHI Public Relations, ASHI Chapter Development, ASHI Educational Certification Procedure: Members hi Renewal Credit, and ASHI Professional liaisons: American Red Cross, Consumer Product Safety Commission, IAEI, IEEE, NFPA/NEC and others.
    New York Metro - ASHI President 1991 - New York Hudson Valley ASHI Director 1997 to 2006 - Professional association of home inspectors, education, experience, and certification exam required
  • ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, # 8248060, professional member, 2014
  • Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH), 2014, via AIHA
  • BOCA - Building Code Code Administrators International (BOCA) – DJF is a Certified Property Maintenance & Housing Code Inspector for which passing a certification exam is required
  • British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), 2014, via AIHA
  • Environmental Assessment Association - EAA - Certified Environmental Inspector, CEI – Certified Testing Specialist, CTS. Certified Environmental Specialist, CES. "pay to join " association providing "certifications" a submission of a resume of experience/qualifications is required - 2002 - 2006
  • IAAA - International Aerobiology Association, scientists interested in airborne biological particles, multi - national participation – professional academic and research association - 1996 - Present
  • ICBO - International Conference of Building Officials Member #22178 - 0 – Building code development, enforcement, inspection,
  • IAEI - International Association of Electrical Inspectors Professional Member #195930 – electrical code development, enforcement, inspection
  • Mycological Society of America –  MSA international society dedicated to study of the fungi – academic association of researchers
  • New York State Association of Home Inspectors - NYSAHI board member and Director, origin of the association to present - Association represents home inspectors in New York, developed legislation leading to the present NYS Home Inspection Licensing Law which regulates home inspectors in the state
  • New York State Building Code Enforcement Officials – Code Enforcement Officer Training - 1989
  • New York State Home Inspection License # 16000005303 ret. 2008, continues as New York State certified home inspection education instructor.
  • National Pest Management Association NPMA #110947, #120827 – professional pay to join association, provides standards, training, publications, inspection forms, lobbying
  • National Roofing Contractors' Association – trade association of professional roofers, publishes detailed roofing practice standards and guidelines - 1985 - 1995 (est)
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation 1978 - 1996
  • Oil - Heating Contractors' Association – trade association 1985 - 1996
  • Pan American Aerobiology Association - PAAA scientists interested in sources, dispersal, and deposition of airborne biological particles, 2005: Science Committee, PAACB Spore Identification Certification Exam Committee, Newsletter Editor. Professional, academic, and research association, originator of the PAACB spore counter certification board and exam - 1996 - Present
  • Septic Inspector - Certified Title 5 Septic System Inspector State of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, education and passing a certification exam required, onsite waste disposal, septic system inspections
  • Society for Protective Coatings - Member# 490241 & #8211; regarding paint failure analysis, professional pay to join association, provides standards, training, publications
  • U.S. Press Association, ID#4312613,, registered full-time journalist, 800-989-5123 - 2013-present
  • MENSA, BMWMOA, HOG – special interest social groups

Current Projects

Research and writing: - an extensive technical resource for diagnosis and repair information regarding a wide range of residential and light - commercial construction, environmental, & energy conservation concerns; Building failures investigation, diagnosis, repair, forensic investigation, Energy conservation, Indoor Environment, Indoor Air Quality, Building related illness, field & laboratory investigation methodology validation, forensic microscopy methods and procedures in the environment, buildings, and art, art conservation, paint and pigment analysis for failures or contaminants, building defect or building failure diagnosis and indoor air investigations: field and laboratory methods for effective evaluation of extent of cosmetic, allergenic, or toxic mold and other aerobiological particles in buildings, and a comparative evaluation of moisture detection methods in buildings as an aid to finding hidden fungal growth

Daniel Friedman's Publications

In addition to current work at, a complete list of Daniel Friedman's publications papers, and classes, can be viewed at Daniel Friedman's CV: PUBLICATIONS & CLASSES.

Recognition & Miscellaneous

June, 2005, Pan American Aerobiology Association, PAAA, Larry Syzdek Participation Award (probably for agreeing to present a conference session on very short notice, and perhaps for asking a lot of questions). In January, 1997, DF was honored to receive the American Society of Home Inspectors' most prestigious recognition, the Phil Monahon award. The award recognizes exceptional and innovative contributions to the Building inspection profession. January 1991, American Society of Home Inspectors' ASHI National President's Award for service to the society and profession. January 1994, American Red Cross – Participation Award for Assistance to the Victims of the Southern California [Northridge] Earthquake. 1994 to Present: various Internet website awards for technical content and presentation. 1989 ASHI: contributions to the Annual Conference for Home Inspectors. 1988 American Arbitration Association. Contribution to the Encouragement of Voluntary Dispute Resolution. 1988 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Small Homes Council. Building Research Council, ASHI/SHC Seminar Organizer/Participant 1988 New York State Energy Office. Reducing Indoor Radon Workshop Series.

Vitals, Family, Interests, Photos

Partner Jennifer Church, Two daughters, sons in-law, six grandchildren, assorted vehicles, books, musical instruments, tools, computers, forensic microscopes, stuff like that. Supporting religious and civic organizations, and the elderly, Reduced-fee or pro-bono assistance - available for elderly, disabled, veterans, or churches/synagogues.

Born: Daniel Joseph Friedman, Jr., Richmond Va - 10 September 1943

Eclectic personal interests: outdoor activities ( hike, sail, raft trips, ski, camp, getting close to nature, but respecting natural inhabitants, jeeping around Mexican towns, going to church in San Miguel de Allende (during the Cabalgato) Harleys, BMW's, jeeps, literature (varies), music (Bach to banjo), photography (barns, buildings, building history, building failures, insects, mold, microscopy, including most of the photos at Inspect and documentary photography in other countries), and micro - photography through the microscope, WRITING POETRY, PROSE, & SHORT FICTION philosophy, science (neurology to physics), volunteer/social services (elderly, red cross, meals on wheels), travel, an occasional home project or political protest and also enjoying sunsets.

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