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This article lists deck and porch product & lumber treatment method manufacturers and suppliers.

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Deck & Porch Resources, Products, Manufacturers: Where to Buy

Manufacturers of porch & deck products, materials, coatings, fasteners, lumber, tools.

Deck & Porch Wood Treatment Companies

  • Arch Wood Protection www.wolmanizedwood.com Copper-azole and borate-treated wood products with optional water repellent
  • Osmose www.osmose.com ACQ- and borate-treated wood products with water repellent
  • Chemical Specialties www.treatedwood.com ACQ-treated wood products with optional water repellent
  • Suppliers of Composite Structural Lumber for Decks & Porches

  • U.S. Plastic Lumber, Boca Raton, FL www.usplasticlumber.com Trimax and Durawood structural plastic lumber

Composite Decking System Suppliers

Figure 4-3:  Hollow profile synthetic decking (C) J Wiley, S Bliss

  • Certainteed Corp. www.certainteed.com Boardwalk solid composite decking with hidden fasteners and optional railing system
  • Composite Building Products International www.xtendex.com Xtendex hollow composite decking system with optional railing
  • Correct Building Products www.correctdeck.com Solid composite decking with hidden fasteners and optional railing system
  • Fiber Composites www.fibercomposites.com Fiberon solid composite decking and optional railing system
  • Kadant Composites www.geodeck.com Geodeck hollow composite decking and railing system
  • Kroy Building Products www.kroybp.com Timberlast solid composite decking with optional hidden fastening system
  • Louisiana-Pacific Corp www.weatherbest.lpcorp.com. WeatherBest solid composite decking, railings, and accessories
  • Nexwood Industries Limited www.nexwood.com Hollow composite decking and railing systems
  • Tendura www.tendura.com TenduraPlank solid tongue-and-groove composite flooring for porches; natural finish or primed for painting
  • Thermal Industries www.thermalindustries.com Dream Composite solid tongue-and-groove composite decking system with optional vinyl railings
  • TimberTech Limited www.timbertech.com Floorizon hollow composite decking system, solid composite decking planks, and optional railing system
  • Trex Company www.trex.com Solid composite decking
  • Weyerhaeuser Building Products www.choicedek.com ChoiceDeck solid composite lumber and optional railings

Plastic Decking Systems

  • Kroy Building Products www.kroybp.com Classic Manor embossed vinyl decking with clip system
  • L.B. Plastics www.lbplastics.com Sheerline interlocking vinyl decking system and deck cladding systems
  • Renew Plastics www.renewplastics.com Solid recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic decking with embossed wood-grain texture
  • Royal Crown Limited www.royalcrownltd.com Brock Deck and Deck Lok interlocking vinyl decking systems
  • Thermal Industries www.thermalindustries.com Dream Deck interlocking vinyl decking and railing system
  • U.S. Plastic Lumber Corp www.carefreexteriors.com Carefree Xteriors recycled plastic HDPE decking with embossed wood grain and optional railings

Metal Decking Systems

  • FSI Home Products Division www.lockdry.com. LockDry aluminum decking and railing system

Prefabricated Deck & Porch Railing Systems

  • Avcon Structural Railing Systems www.avconrail.com Thermoplastic and aluminum railings
  • CertainTeed www.certainteed.com EverNew PVC railing system
  • Global Dec-K-Ing Systems www.globaldecking.com DEC-K-ING aluminum railing system
  • DecKorators Inc. www.deckrail.com Decorative aluminum balusters and connectors for wooden railing systems. Also, tempered-glass balusters
  • Duradek www.duradek.com Durarail powder-coated aluminum railing system and walk-on vinyl decking membrane.
  • FSI Home Products Division www.railingworks.com Aluminum railing systems
  • Fypon www.fypon.com Polyurethane railing systems in classic architectural styles
  • HB&G www.hbgcolumns.net PermaPorch cellular-polyvinyl chloride (PVC) railings and posts reinforced with wood or aluminum; cellular-PVC or aluminum balusters Kroy Building Products www.kroybp.com Classic Manor PVC-railing system
  • L.B. Plastics www.lbplastics.com Sheerline PVC-railing systems and PVC- post cladding
  • Royal Crown Limited www.royalcrownltd.com PVC railing system with steel reinforcing
  • Shakespeare Composites Structures www.armor-rail.com Armor-Rail structural fiberglass (FRP) railing system with turned balusters
  • Thermal Industries www.thermalindustries.com Dream Rail PVC-railing system with optional tempered glass balusters
  • U.S. Plastic Lumber Corp. www.carefreexteriors.com Recycled HDPE railing system

Hidden Deck Fastener Suppliers

  • BEN Manufacturing www.premier1.net/~ben69 Dec-Klips fit between deck planks with prongs into edges; nailed into top of joists; electrogalvanized steel
  • Blue Heron Enterprises www.ebty.com Eb-Ty UV-resistant polypropylene biscuit fits into slots in edge of decking, screws into top of joist Grabber Construction Products www.deckmaster.com Deckmaster angle bracket screws to side of joist and up into decking; available in galvanized or stainless steel
  • Simpson Strong-Tie www.strongtie.com DBTC deck ties screw down to top of joist with prongs into edges of decking planks; triple-zinc-coated or stainless steel by special order; disposable plastic driving tool
  • Spotnails www.spotnails.com Tebo stainless-steel fasteners fit between decking boards with prongs into edges of decking; installed with mallet and proprietary tool
  • TY-LAN Enterprises Inc. www.shadoetrack.com Shadoe Track angle bracket nailed along top of joist and screws up into bottom of deck boards; available in galvanized, powder-coated, and stainless steel
  • USP Lumber Connectors www.uspconnectors.com Deck Clip screws into edge of one decking board and locks to next board; requires toenailing one edge of each board

Screen Systems for Porches

  • One BetterWay www.screentight.com Screen-Tight vinyl porch screening system screws to exterior of porch framing; snap-on facings conceal screws and screen splines; available in white, beige, gray, and brown

Sources of Deck Finishes, Stains, Preservative Coatings

  • Amteco www.mfgsealants.com/amteco.htm Sealers, preservatives, and deck stains
  • Cabot www.cabotstain.com Clear sealers and deck stains
  • Cuprinol, a division of Sherwin Williams www.cuprinol.com Sealers, preservatives, and deck stains
  • The Flood Company www.floodco.com Clear sealers and deck stains
  • Penofin www.penofin.com Lightly tinted oil-based sealers and stains
  • Olympic, PPG Architectural Finishes www.olympic.com Clear sealers and deck stains
  • Wolman Wood Care Products, division of Zinsser Co. www.wolman.com Wolman sealers and deck stains and DAP Woodlife clear sealers

Deck & Porch Industry Associations

  • American Wood Preservers Association (AWPI) www.awpa.com
  • California Redwood Association www.calredwood.org
  • Deck Industry Association www.deckindustry.org
  • Forest Stewardship Council www.fscus.org Information on certified tropical hardwoods
  • Rainforest Alliance, Smartwood Program www.rainforest-alliance.org Information on certified tropical hardwoods
  • Southern Forest Products Association www.sfpa.org
  • Southern Pine Council www.southernpine.com
  • Western Wood Products Association www.wwpa.org

Western Wood Preservers Institute www.wwpinstitute.org

This article series discuss best porch & deck construction practices, including choice of framing materials, decking or flooring choices & installation, how to select and use deck and porch structural and flooring fasteners, actual deck & porch framing construction details & connections, deck joist & beam span tables, how to build leak-proof rooftop decks, construction of covered & screened porches, deck & porch railing construction & materials, choices of finishes and stains for decks & porches, and past & current deck lumber preservative treatments with related health & environmental concerns.

This article series includes excerpts or adaptations from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction, by Steven Bliss, courtesy of Wiley & Sons. Also see our BOOK REVIEW of that book.

-- Adapted with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction.


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