<, Properties of polycarbonate (thermoplastic) glazing materials used in solar applications, Polycarbonate glazing offers improved impact resistance compared to acrylic plastics and glass, Expansion and contraction of polycarbonate glazing under thermal stress, Abrading (scratching) and discoloration of polycarbonate glazing loses solar transmittance with age, Producers & sources of polycarbonate plastic glazing: GE's Lexan, Lasco's Lascolite, Cy.Ro's Cryolon SDP,window,windows,window construction,site built window,site built windows,home made windows,home made window,do it yourself window,do it ourself windows,domble pane,double glaze,double glass,window seal,window breathing,window leaks,window condensation,window gaskets,window sealants,window installation,home made window glazing,window leaks," />