Rooftop View of San Miguel de Allende3-V Photographic House Tour in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico

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This is a traditional Mexican home with four courtyards, rootop as well as ground-level patios & a lovely fountain. The home includes three bedrooms + studio with day-bed, a large office, four full bathrooms, a balcony and three levels of rooftop patios, three gas-log fireplaces, living room, fully-equipped kitchen, garage, storage, BBQ, laundry. High speed internet access, cable TV & computer equipment are available. Views of San Miguel, 12 minute walk to center of town.

This is a private home, not rented to the public, which we occupy for much of the year, occasionally available for use by our friends and family. Our house manager, Francisca provides housekeeping, plant care, and local advice.

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Daniel Friedman - photography

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Our Little Street, Trees, Flowers

This street is often the subject of painting by local and visiting artists. Our house is on the right in this photograph.

Front door



1st view inside (through to inner courtyard)

Living Room (looking right from1st view inside, above)

Additional views:

Living room & dining area viewed from kitchen

Living room fireplace

Dining Kitchen area Dining Kitchen area


Looking towards Kitchen and dining area, from living room

Additional views: /3Furnishings/3VerFurn0225_DJFss.jpg

Dining area and view into kitchen

We often eat at this kitchen counter


View from Kitchen


Courtyard at ground level


Back into Kitchen from our ground-level Courtyard(Old photo, before new refrigerator)


Courtyard with steps up to L2 are at left.

L1 Guest Bedroom

Additional views:

L1 Bedroom Interior view-1

L1 Bath entry door(viewed from courtyard)

L1 Bath located across courtyard

L1 BR Interior view-2

L1 BR Fireplace


Stairs from Courtyard to L2


L2 Patio outside Study



L2 Guest Bedroom


L2 Guest Bedroom View

Additional views:

L2 Guest Bath


Stairs to Rooftop Patio 3

This photo also shows the entry door to L2 Guest Room.


Rooftop Patio 3
(Lots of plants added since this early photo, including agave, orange tree, limon tree).



L2 Office desk


L2 Office

Additional views:

L2 Master Bath Interior


Master Bath & Passage


Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom View


L2 Balcony & Walkway, stairs to Separate Upper Studio & Studio Patio
This level is also home to our Maguey and to our fig tree.


View from L2 Balcony


View down from Upper Studio Patio



Upper Studio Patio
This patio hosts lots of plants too, including our pomegranate (Granada in Spanish) tree. Latest image at left.


Entry to Upper Studio


Upper Studio day bed

Additional views:

L3 Study Wider View

L3 Studio Bath

Upper Studio view out

Leaving ? Here is the Front Door

Areas, or components on first level that are not shown:

Areas, or components on second level that are not shown:

  • Utilility area containing water heater and LP gas tank (2nd level),

Rooftop sunrise from our Sun Patio, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Additional views:

Rooftop View of San Miguel de Allende

Here is a photo of the view towards the center of San Miguel de Allende, from another of our rooftop patios. The large steeple at center-right in this photo is la Paroquia, in the center of San Miguel de Allende (11-14 minute walk). The church steeple at left in this photo (just right of the evergreen tree) is las Monjas church and convent on Canal street, about a 9-10 minute walk.

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Location: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico


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