Hiking above San Miguel de Allende MexicoHiking In and Around San Miguel de Allende
A Photo Tour of Hike#2 Near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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Photographs of Hiking near San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico - A Great Hike quite near San Miguel de Allende" - A photo tour of a 2 hour hike (3 if you dally) in the hills Southeast of San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico, featuring fabulous views, a waterfall, pertroglyphs, animals, flowers, mushrooms, rocks near a small village. More Information / Mas informacion about/de San Miguel de Allende is below / es par abajo. © Copyright 2008 , All Rights Reserved / todos derechos reservado.

Daniel Friedman - photography

  • Photo 1:, Rooftop sunrise 8/27/2006 San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • Photo 2:, Saddle in the distance is a hiking destination
  • Photo 3:, Valley below is shrouded in mist
  • Photo 4:, The hike makes use of a previously paved stair
  • Photo 6:, Oyster mushrooms have bloomed in the rain
  • Photo 7:, Mist rolls in over the hiking trail as elevation increases
  • Photo 8:, Cattle grazing in the hills can surprise hikers
  • Photo 9:, trailside flora
  • Photo 10:, as winds shift we are above the morning mist over the valey of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • Photo 11:, trailside fauna - a small and very energetic rana is also fearless
  • Photo 12:, a gate to nowhere crosses our trail
  • Photo 13:, leading to the top of the saddleshown in Photo 2
  • Photo 14:, overnight rain has left puddles on the rocks
  • Photo 15:, as we descend into a crevice in the saddle
  • Photo 16:, and pose for tourist photo of Dan
  • Photo 17:, Michael admires the bottom of a waterfall that drops about 12 meters
  • Photo 18:, and splashes off fallen rock at the bottom of the cliff face
  • Photo 20:, where petroglyphs have been weathered so as to be nearly lost
  • Photo 21:, and rubbed smooth by too many hands caressing the face of this cliff
  • Photo 22:, view from the saddle
  • Photo 23:, and a brief rest stop
  • Photo 24:, final views of the rain-filled presa
  • Photo 25:, are enjoyable on the return path
  • Photo 26:, along with an unusual stone structure



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