Lab microscope and camera (C) Daniel FriedmanMicroscope techniques and laboratory procedures for indoor air quality, toxic mold identification, & bioaerosol investigations

  • FORENSIC & IAQ LAB MICROSCOPE TECHNIQUES - CONTENTS: Guide to microscope techniques for forensic investigation topics such as indoor air quality or building particle or building dust testing & identification
    • Microscopy courses, forensic microscopy
    • Mold laboratory education & test procedures
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List of microscopy classes, references, documents. This document assists mold and other aerobiology or forensic laboratories and technicians by listing laboratory and microscopy education courses, equipment, and resources.

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Microscope Techniques, Training, Resources for Forensic Building Investigation or Indoor Air Quality & Dust, Mold, or Other Particle Identification

Readers should also see SLIDE PREPARATION, MICROSCOPE where we describe mold test and forensic microscopy slide preparation procedures and see MICROSCOPE SLIDE PREP - PERMANENT MOUNTS where we describe using meltmount or Canada balsam and similar products for permananent microscope slide preparation. More microscope slide procedures are described at PAINT LAB SAMPLE PREPARATION.

Microscope Equipment & Suppliers

In our Lab

  • Olympus Microscopes – biological sample examination – Microscope, trinocular – forensic microscopy, polarized light, magnification to 1920x – Lomo Polam L213TR #NXA0256, complete, w/Nikon Coolpix 900, & rotary interference monochrometer Fisher Scientific – biological science lab supplies
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