Collapsing metalbestos insulated chimney (C) Daniel Friedman Bracing & Support Requirements for Metal Chimneys

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Metal chimney & flue bracing & support specifications: this article describes bracing and support requirements for metal chimneys.

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Bracing Requirements for Metal Chimneys

Bracing on metal B-vent type chimney (C) Daniel FriedmanMetal chimneys that are more than 5' tall above the roof (or 6' tall in some jurisdictions) require bracing at the rooftop. Sketch (above right) courtesy of Carson Dunlop.

Photo at left: metal bracking on a B-type vent metal chimney. Notice that metallic salts washing off of the metal bracing and other runout of the chimney flashing itself are preventing black algae from growing on some areas of this roof.

At Class A Chimneys we discuss the collapsing Class-A metal chimney shown at above left. As you can see, a metal chimney on the outside of the building will also require support listed and designed by the manufacturer.

Bracing can stabilize a manufactured chimney or it might stabilize a tall masonry chimney that is wobbly but on a good footing - also review moving/separated chimney repairs at Leaning Chimney Repair Methods.

Metal chimneys more than 5' tall require bracing that connects the chimney to the building. The crazy chimney shown at below left had visible openings at its tipped joints - this was an unsafe installation.

The very tall single wall metal chimney shown at below left is located on a building in Manhattan and was photographed from the Lotus Club. Although the chimney has bracing, chimney sections are loose at several locations giving a sort of drunken sailor look to this flue.

Tall rusty single wall vent (C) Daniel Friedman Metal chimney support at rooftop (C) Carson Dunlop Associates

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