Collapsing metalbestos insulated chimney (C) Daniel Friedman Chimney Repair Methods

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This article outlines and provides links to detailed articles about all types of repairs for masonry and metal chimneys and flues. These articles on chimneys and chimney safety provide detailed suggestions describing how to perform a thorough visual inspection of chimneys for safety and other defects. Chimney inspection methods and chimney repair methods are also discussed.

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Articles on Methods for Repairing Chimneys & Flues

Photograph of a damaged masonry chimney.Here we list key articles useful for repairing various chimney defects. Also see CHIMNEY REPAIR FRAUD WARNING.


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Questions & answers or comments about how to repair damaged chimneys: repairs to cracks, leaning, chimney foundations, chimney separation from the building, or repairs / re-lining of damaged chimney flues..

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