Photograph of  our oil fired heating boiler with Mikes CD book on how to save heating costsRising Oil Prices, Rushed Service Increase Heating Cost

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Easy-to-follow book on how to cut heating costs - for homeowners: the suggestions at this website and in this home heating cost savings book itself and its heating cost savings ideas are available on CD. As oil prices have continued to climb as home owners are more ready to look again at the economy operation of their oil burner, Mike shifted focus of sales of his CD to the money savings aspect of heating service and tuning. This was a lucky move for consumers.

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How Rising Oil Price and Rushed Heating Service Conspire to Increase Home Heating Cost

It's the homeowner who pays the oil bill, not the service technician who tunes your boiler. Even though most service techs take pride in their work and work to do a good job of cleaning and tuning the system, Mike found that often service techs were rushing through the process and leaving unsafe or unsatisfactory conditions.

There are several reasons for this, one of which is that the techs are usually over-scheduled and over-worked during the heating season. A heating service technician during the winter months may be expected to make 8 or 12 service calls in a day. It's impossible to perform a thorough, detailed cleanout and tune-up in just a few minutes.

So sometimes the technician will see a system that seems to be pretty clean and running pretty well, and s/he will just do the basics of filter and nozzle change.


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