Photograph of Steve and Lydia Vermilye on the Hudson River. Sailing on the Hudson River, off Norrie Point

    Steve Vermilye and his daughter Lydia Vermilye sailing on the Hudson River

    - Daniel Friedman

Coming bow across the wind
hot, hard-blowing.
helm s/he sees wind-torn water
boiling South and bending
waves over bowsprit.

Fast progress, too fast,
lee shore approaching until
at speed we veer up,
cross the wind: we tack.

Fast heeled to upright
jib flies over, snaps rock hard
full open, followed by our main
we hang, poised before wind.

Push! over we heel,
Holding course, holding fear,
counter-steer lest bow blow too far
off and wobble, crazy current!

A holding tack at best,
Hudson tide runs, ebbs
progress tacks give way
as does the wind

until, beaten across hard water
we reach our next tack
to progress
laughing with the wind.


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