Hudson River Sailing 2

    Heeled over hard, silent screaming
    taut sails, rigid lines,
    we heave in passionate progress
    punctuated by sudden gusts.

    Fought across holding runs
    over against current but
    with powerful sea-tide we push between
    ancient Hudson's green banks, gray rocks.

    Streaming sun defines this passage until
    gunnels down breathless, and dangerous,
    we jibe and find ourselves
    running wide, silent wind at our backs.

    Ahead a shallow cove opens wide
    low green arms and still water
    offering silent rest and a place
    to catch our breath.

    Sails fall deckbound,
    Naked mast points straight
    as anchor sinks cool to river bottom
    and we sink silent in the cockpit.

    Hard winds, rocky banks so wrong
    they think they map our world,
    not knowing the power of floating silent,
    nor the range of naked feet.


    Daniel Friedman's Poetry & Short Stories
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