Take me home
    to watch the sun rise
    as we watch our own,
    breathing cool morning air
    sitting by the lake,
    listening to loons,
    and heartbeats.

    Let's drink morning tea,
    wine at sunset
    and taste one another,
    and pulsing fire,
    both passionate
    passionately quiet,

    Let's sit
    still and listening to Bach
    or run on rocky roads
    panting, sweating,
    hot with life
    then cool chilled wine
    swallows and fireflies
    fanning our heaving breasts.

    Let's climb through rocks
    and crevices,
    swim in mountain lakes,
    read The Captain's Verses,
    taste spicy food,
    count flowers,
    squash Japanese beetles,
    admire your rose.

    we have time
    for making love
    for making life
    finding comfort,
    for writing
    and sharing
    take me home.


    Daniel Friedman's Poetry & Short Stories
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