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How to Identify & Inspect Historic, Old, & Kit Homes

  • HISTORIC HOMES - CONTENTS: How to Identify & Inspect Historic Homes & Old Houses. How to Find a Qualified Home Inspector for older homes. List of old house inspection, diagnsosis, and repair articles
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Inspect historic or old buildings:

This article discusses How to Identify & Inspect Historic Homes & Old Houses, and provides a directory to help you find a qualified home inspector who has experience and expertise in evaluating the condition of older homes.

This list of old-house inspection, diagnosis, and repair articles provides information on how to inspect, evaluate, diagnose, and repair older homes. We also provide links to home inspection standards and ethics, and home inspection methodology. Advice for home buyers includes how to choose a home inspector and how to get the most from a home inspection.

Advanced home inspection methods are presented stressing methods for increasing the detection of significant or safety defects at properties, technical expertise, and ethical conduct.

Advice is provided for people interested in becoming a home inspector as well as for home buyers or owners who need to hire a home inspector.

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