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An Explanation of the RHI Designation as used in Ontario, Canada to quality home inspectors.

Readers can contact Registered Canadian Home Inspectors at Directory of Canadian Home Inspectors

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What is an RHI? - Registered Home Inspector Designation

Qualified members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors have the
exclusive right to call themselves RHI's under the Ontario Association of Home
Inspectors Act, 1994 (The Ontario Government Bill 158). The Act and the by-laws:
1. Define a home inspection through the Standards of Practice
2. Establish membership criteria
3. Set out a Code of Conduct, and
4. Provide for regulation of the profession through the disciplinary process.

What are the Qualifications for Canadian Home Inspectors?

RHI's must meet specific criteria in the areas of:

1. Education

2. Technical background, and

3. Experience

What does the Registered Home Inspector Designation mean to the Canadian Realtor, Lawyer, Banker?

1. Enhanced professional image: putting people in touch with home
inspection professionals reinforces your relationship with clients 2. More protection for you: you reduce your liability for both the condition of the home and the quality of the inspector you recommend when you direct people to members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors 3. More protection for the home buyer: all Registered Home Inspectors (RHI's) have proven ability, experience, and a mandatory Errors and Omissions/Comprehensive General Liability insurance program

Where do I Find a Canadian Home Inspector - RHI?

Contact the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors for a membership roster   
at toll-free 888-744-6244 or write to PO Box 38108, Toronto, M5N 3A6 Canada.


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