Photograph of chopped fiberglass insulation Guide to Building Leaks & Moisture Diagnosis & Cure

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Building leaks & moisture problem diagnosis & cure: This article series discusses how to inspect, diagnose problems in, and install or repair building insulation & ventilation systems including heat loss, moisture, & interior stains. Here we provide a complete list of articles describing how to find and fix various causes of water leaks or high moisture problems in buildings.

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Guide to Sources of Building Leaks & Moisture Problems: causes & cures

Wet rusted spiral ducts (C) D FriedmanOur page top photo shows that a leaky building foundation can form a major source of indoor building moisture problems.

The building dampness & moisture control and moisture-related building and indoor environmental contamination articles listed here explain the sources of unwanted building moisture or high humidity as well as the effect of high indoor moisture levels on indoor air quality and on buildings, such as indoor air quality and mold contamination.

List of Key Insulation, Ventilation, & Moisture Control, Diagnosis, & Repair Articles

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