Gravel less effluent disposal septic system - Chamber system - image courtesy US EPA, originally from National Small Flows Clearinghouse

Gravelless Septic System Product Suppliers Directory

Where to buy gravelless or no-rock septic system materials: this article discusses product suppliers for gravelless or "no gravel" or "no rock" septic drainfield systems.

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Sources of Gravelless Effluent Disposal Systems

SKETCH of a typical chamber system for gravelless wastewater disposal - illustration courtesy of Infiltrator Systems, Inc.Gravelless septic systems or "no gravel" septic system trenches use plastic or other prefabricated wastewater distribution systems which are buried in soil without the use of surrounding gravel. Typical gravelless septic systems use a plastic chamber, a geotextile-wrapped pipe, or a polystyrene-wrapped pipe to distribute effluent into the soil.

The necessary soil absorption area is provided by the perforated surface of the gravelless septic system components (or by soil at the bottom of a chamber) themselves rather than by the gravel and trench walls of a conventional septic drainfield. These systems can provide an acceptable effluent disposal system for sites with limited space for a drainfield or where gravel is not available or is quite expensive.

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This listing of suppliers of gravelless or "no rock" septic system components is arranged alphabetically.

The illustration at above left shows a typical residential gravelless wastewater disposal system using chambers.Illustration courtesy of Infiltrator Systems, Inc., used with permission. (Infiltrator Systems Inc. contact information is listed below).

  • Crumpler Plastic Pipe, Inc. provides fabric-wrapped drainage piping 800-334-5071 Roseboro NC USA - "No-Rock TM Septic-Leachate drainpipe systems" are available in 8" and 10" systems.
  • In-Drain from Elgen is a combination of plastic and geotextile used to treat septic effluent. Elgen products have been around for decades using variations on this design. Elsewhere I've recommended their drainage mat systems for foundation waterproofing and other site drainage problems.

    Eljen In-drains: this no-rock septic system uses gravelless trenches containing prefabricated units of geotextile fabric and cuspated plastic spacing cores are bordered on the sides and beneath by six inches of specific sand media, and are covered with native soil. A layer of protective fabric is placed on top of the units to prevent fine soil particles from clogging the filter fabric pores.
  • Hancor Gravelless "Blue Stripe" Pipe 888-FOR-PIPE 8" and 10" diameter. Quoting the manufacturer, "When backfilled with native soil, Gravelless pipe provides safe and effective septic tank effluent treatment in sites determined to be suitable by your local health department.

    The performance of gravelless systems has been verified through independent research performed at the University of Minnesota. This research evaluated the long-term acceptance rate of fabric-covered corrugated pipe for eight different soil types, and the pipe performed well in all soils tested except fine sand. Gravel-filled trenches in fine sand would likely perform in a similar manner."
  • Infiltrator Systems, Inc. provides chamber products 800-718-2754 Old Saybrook CT USA. The manufacturer provides state specific design manuals for no-rock chamber systems for specific states in the U.S.
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