Sketch of a failed septic system.

Checklist & Worksheet for Level-1 Septic System Inspection & Test

Septic system inspection field data checklist & worksheets - part 3: here are three detailed septic system field inspection and test worksheets to assist in inspecting and documenting the condition of septic systems. This article is part of our series: Septic Systems Online Book procedures, defects in onsite waste disposal systems, septic tank problems, septic drainfield problems, checklists of system components and things to ask. Septic system maintenance and pumping schedules.

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Sketch of a concrete septic tank baffle subject to flooding.SEPTIC INSPECTION WORK SHEETS - Septic System Inspection and Testing Worksheets

Here we provide the third of series of field worksheets for septic systems: useful during the conduct of septic system inspections for investigations of the condition of a septic system using level 0, 1, and 2 septic inspections.

Septic Inspection & Test Worksheet for Level 1 - Intermediate Septic Inspection

 TANK INSPECTION: (Tank is located and main access is opened if accessible.)
 TANK LOCATION: (Provide site plan showing tank and other components.)
     Depth of Tank below grade: __________
 TANK CAPACITY:__________________________  From records; from permit; computed;
 TANK TOP:    Visible Y/N  Damaged Y/N  Suspect Y/N
 INLET BAFFLE:   Visible Y/N  Damaged Y/N  Suspect Y/N
 OUTLET BAFFLE:  Visible Y/N  Damaged Y/N  Suspect Y/N
 LIQUID LEVEL:   Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
 SCUM THICKNESS: ____ Satisfactory Unsatisfactory (risking exiting outlet baffle)
     ____ Distance from top of scum to top of outlet tee or baffle
 SCUM THICKNESS: ____ Satisfactory Unsatisfactory (risking exiting outlet baffle)
     ____ Distance from bottom of scum to base of outlet tee or baffle
 SLUDGE DEPTH:   ____ Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
     ____ Distance from top of sludge to bottom of tank outlet baffle
 For AEROBIC TANKS: operation of compressor, propeller, motor, timer,
  alarm, and electrical components:
      Operation:  Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
      Support and Wiring: Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
  Visible Y/N  Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory:_____________________________
 DISTRIBUTION BOX: (locate on site plan)
     ____ depth of liquid level above outlet invert
     Y/N  liquid flow uniform into each outlet opening
     Y/N  evidence of solids carryover in from tank
     Y/N  evidence of solids carryover out to absorption system

ABSORPTION SYSTEM: Located Y/N   Holding water Y/N  (do not pump)
TANK PUMPING: If tank has not been pumped within past two years and/or
  if sludge and scum levels exceed 20% of total tank depth, the tank should
  be cleaned. When cleaned, observe if the absorption system runs back into
  the tank. [General rule. See details at Tank Maintenance Chapter ...]

WARNING: A Level-1 inspection is not a warranty or guarantee that the system
will properly function for any period of time in the future; It is not
associated, certified, endorsed, by any government agency; it is not an
assurance that the soil is adequately treating effluent or that it will
continue to do so in the future.

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