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Media filter septic systems use a conventional septic tank followed by any of several methods to further filter and treat septic effluent before it is discharged to the soil, soil surface, or waterway. This document defines and describes the design and use of textile or fabric as a septic media filter for effluent treatment in onsite wastewater systems.

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Septic media filters using textiles as an alternative septic system design for effluent treatment

When using a septic media filter system, effluent treatment is by both actual filtration and ultimately by a biochemical process as the filter "matures" and includes its own biomass. Both natural media filter septic systems (such as sand, gravel, or peat) and synthetic media filter septic systems (foam cubes, glass, slag) are used, and both single-pass and effluent recycling systems may be employed.

Geotextiles are often used in septic effluent media filter systems; they can provide a large surface area and high water volume retention.

Fabric media is cut into squares and placed into a container, or hung in curtains in a container. Textile filters operate in a recirculating mode similar to that discussed above, but offer this advantage over sand and peat media: the larger effective surface area of the synthetic textile permits a much higher loading rate in gallons per square (or cubic) foot, thus permitting the media system to be designed into a physically smaller package.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about media filter and textile based septic system designs

Question: What do you think of the ez flow system ?

What do you think of the ez flow system ? by the way, this site is so informative & helpful to me. thank you so much - William


William I've added the article category SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN ALTERNATIVES (links at the "More Reading" links at the bottom of this article ) wherein you'll see MEDIA FILTER SEPTIC SYSTEMS are discussed, specifically in the article titled "Textile Filters" .

The EzFlow septic system is a media filter approach. Properly installed the system has the appeal of simpler, lower installed cost. I expect that to handle the same effluent volume as a conventional gravel trench you may need more linear feet of filter media, installed either in parallel in the same trench or end to end in a longer trench; but then the installation is still simpler.

Does a media-wrapped drain pipe in a gravelless system last as long as a gravel-filled trench in a conventional drainfield, given all other factors being the same? I don't know.

OPINION: I have not seen data on system longevity comparisons among most of the alternative septic system designs, but my field and research experience leave me convinced that in any system the success or failure of the system depends largely on how properly it's installed.

Contact information for Infiltrator Systems and a link to the product description spec sheet for EzFlow septic system components are found at Septic Media Filter Source List.


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