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Where to buy septic filters & graywater filters:

This document provides product names and sources for septic effluent filter systems and graywater filter systems to protect the septic drainfield or absorption system from clogging. Septic filters, such as greywater filters, washing machine filters, and filters at the effluent outlet of a conventional septic tank protect the septic leach field.

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Product Source List for Septic Filters & Graywater Filters

  • Amphidrome from F.R. Mahoney, Associates, is a "sequencing batch reactor" or effluent recycling system (approved in MA) cycling effluent between the septic tank and a reactor vessel.
  • AdvanTex- Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems from Orenco uses a textile filter in a fiberglass basin.
  • Biomicrobics wastewater treatment include BioSTEP, a screened pumping system, BioBarrier membrane bioreactor (MBR) which produces ultra-clean effluent Lixor, their submerged aeration system, SaniTEE wastewater screens and other wastewater treatment systems and products.
  • Biocycle Wastewater Treatment a BioCycle Unit, Tertiary Polishing Filter and Monitoring System.- Ireland
  • Bioren & Living Filter alternative wastewater treatment systems - Mass. USA
  • Bioclere from AquaPoint (MA) is a trickle-filter effluent treatment system
  • Graywater recycling kit sold by The Natural Home Building Source website
  • Laundry Filter for laundry lint, the Filtrol 160 - a Septic System Filter also suitable for graywater systems
  • Media Filter Product Source List for septic media alternative design products
  • Peat for septic effluent treatment
  • Ruck systems (in MA) "Traditional RUCK- [Residential Septic] Systems are passive innovative septic systems that are designed to remove nitrogen and provide excellent treatment for an on site septic system." Commercial products are also available. This is an in-ground filter system installed between the septic tank and the absorption field.
  • Septic Filter Basins sold by The Natural Home Building Source website
  • SeptiTech Residential and Commercial Wastewater Pretreatment Systems include a fixed film effluent trickling filter and a patented effluent treatment media.
  • Tuff-Tite manufactures drainage and septic products including risers, D-boxes, effluent filters, tank seals, and other accessories. Their two effluent filters for residential and commercial use are rated for 800 gallons per day or 1,500 gallons per day of wastewater flow.
  • Waterloo biofilter trickle type wastewater filter and systems using aeration combined with foam filter media; effluent is sprayed over foam.
  • Zabel Effluent Filters sells 4", 8" and 12" gravity (no pumps needed) septic effluent filters, filer accessories. (Now owned by Polylok Corp.)
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Also see Septic Media Filter Source List for purchasing media filters & equipment

Media filter systems (for effluent treatment) are discussed at Using Septic Media Filters as Components of Alternative Septic Systems for Difficult Sites. Also see FILTERS SEPTIC & GREYWATER for an explanation of septic filter devices for tanks and drywells.

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