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If your family gets drinking water from your own well, do you know if your water is safe to drink? What health risks could you and your family face?

Where can you go for help or advice? This article series helps answer these questions. It gives you general information about drinking water from home wells (also considered private drinking water sources).

It describes types of activities in your area that can create threats to your water supply. It also describes problems to look for and offers maintenance suggestions.

Sources for more information and help are also listed. [Editing for clarity by DF are marked by brackets or italics] Initial Source: EPA 816-K-02-003 January 2002

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Six Steps to Well Water Safety: What Should we Do to Make My Well Water Safe to Drink?

Listed below are the six basic steps you should take to maintain the safety of your drinking water. [You'll notice a couple of extra sections the EPA stuck in between these 6 steps - I'd read them all --DF]

After the list you'll find "how to" suggestions for each point to help you protect your well and your drinking water.

[Follow this well water safety advice by reading these steps in order, but also see our more detailed instructions on water testing and on correcting unsanitary water, shown at the left in these pages. Home buyers should beware of cheating on water tests as we've found this practice common in some areas. There are ways to detect water test cheating, discussed at CHEATING on WATER TESTS.

Don't panic if tests show that your water is contaminated. Most well contamination problems can be corrected, either by finding and preventing the problem source, or if that's too difficult, too costly, or too slow, water treatment and water purification equipment can be installed. Methods to fix water contamination problems are discussed in detail at beginning at WATER TEST INTERPRETATION. - now Back to the EPA document: --DF]

Each of the links below describes the EPA-recommended water safety step.

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