Snow guards on a metal roof (C) Daniel Friedman Snow Guard Installation Pattern, Spacing, Location on Roofs
How to locate & space snow clips, snow guards, & snow retainers on roofs

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Snow guard layout & spacing on all roofs. This article describes how to lay out the snow retainer or guard pattern on a roof in order to provide an effective snow retention system. Spacing requirements for snow retention devices vary depending on the roof slope or pitch. We give recommended side spacing between individual snow guard devices & we discuss an important consideration to avoid structural damage: how far up the roof from the eaves should the first row of snow guards begin.

This article series illustrates types of snow guards or snow brakes or other snow retention devices used on metal, rubber, asphalt, and slate roofs.

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Snow Retention Device Installation Specifications for Location & Spacing

Snow hooks or guards Justin Morrill Smith House (C) Daniel Friedman

Snow Guard Spacing Distances side-to-side in staggered rows

Experts point out that for the placement of individual snow guards (as opposed to long horizontal snow fences or snow brakes) depends on the pitch of the roof. According to Precision Snow-Guards[2]

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Snow Guard Row Location: where to place the rows, how to prevent structural damage from accumulated weight of ice & snow

In addition to installing one or more staggered sets of snow guards "across the lower roof edge" with quantity and spacing varying by roof slope (discussed above), we'd like to know how far back from the lower roof edge or eaves should the first row of snow guards begin and how many feet of space should be provided between banks of snow guards on larger roofs with multiple installations of snow guard products.

Watch out: Berger Building Products (ret 2014) warns that

Alpine Snow Guards recommends placing a three row pattern on the lower roof, 24" o.c. with the middle row staggerd 12", and covering the remaining roof to within 10 feet of the ridge with evenlyspaced snow guards between the bottom three row pattern and the top un-guarded area. - Alpine (ret. 2014)

5 Snow Retention System or Snow Guard Installation Mounting Methods

Individual snow guard mounting methods vary depending on the roof covering material. All snow retention systems use one of these methods to provide snow and ice retention for building roofs.

In short the methods are:

  1. Structurally-connected snow retainer mounts
  2. Clamp-on snow retainer mounts
  3. Adhesive-bonded snow retainer mounts
  4. Clip-on snow retainers
  5. Snow-retention coating

Snow Guard & Snow Brake Articles


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